The distinguished Australian actor John Flaus recorded, in his distinctive and engaging voice, 25 of my poems on a CD titled 'What did I know? John Flaus reads poems by BN Oakman'.

John and I launched the CD, backed by the fabulous Min and Sean, at The Basement Café, Bendigo, before an enthusiastic capacity audience.


'Second Thoughts' was awarded 'Best IP Poetry Book of 2014'.

I was nominated for The Pushcart Prize (USA) 2013.

Readings, Talks, Appearances, Performances:

On May 27, 2017 I greatly enjoyed reading with Geoff Page at 'Poeticas' in Castlemaine. It was a pleasure to be paired with Geoff and to help judge the best open mic section I've heard at any poetry event I've thus far attended.

Occasionally I give talks about why I believe poetry can be a vital part of everyday life at Bendigo Goldfields Library. Topics, for example, might be 'Poetry: Who gives a ....?' or 'Why poetry matters'. Sometimes I conduct courses, also at the library, on 'Reading, Writing and Appreciating Poetry' or 'Workshopping your poems'.

I perform selections from my work, when invited, at events such as Geoff Page's Poetry at the Gods in Canberra, The Bendigo Writers Festival, Ross Donlon's Poetry in Castlemaine and Poeticas (also in Castlemaine). Occasionally I discuss poetry with students at Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE or other educational institutions.

me if you would like to arrange a speaking engagement.

Some publications:

'Satisfactory', 'the island' and 'La Reconciliacion' are forthcoming in Arena Magazine.

'Sirtaki' is published in Social Alternatives, vol.40, no. 4, p. 33.

'Ruin' and 'after' may be read online in Shot Glass Journal (USA), no. 35, September, 2021

'divination' is published in TEXT, 
vol. 25, Issue 1, April, pp. 9-10.

'Birthday', 'ligna melanoma maligna' and 'Lemons', may be read online in Shot Glass Journal (USA), no. 33, January 2021.

Eureka Street vol. 30, no. 19, includes 'A Valley in Spain', 'your tiny hand', 'my father laboured' and 'unfunded empathy'.

Burningword Literary Journal (USA), no. 95, July, 2020, has published
'Lapping the Lake in the Time of Pestilence' on p. 23.

'the day', 'Maratón' and 'exegesis' are online in Shot Glass Journal (USA), 
no. 31, May, 2020.

 'Finisterre' and 'At the Grave of Antonio Machado, are published in Arena Magazine, no. 163, 2019, pp. 53-4.

Eureka Street, vol. 29, no. 15, 2019 contains 'the ball', 'he rang' and 'the jungle'.

'Dining with Goya in the Villa of the Deaf Man' can be read in Cordite no. 91, 2019, May.

'no place like' is published in Going Down Swinging, Pigeonholed, 2018, p. 187.

Social Alternatives vol. 36, no. 4 contains 'Avenida de America' on
p. 50.

'Returned' and 'The Prison' are to be found in Arena Magazine no. 152, pp. 50-51.

'expansive splendour' is published in Going Down Swinging, no. 38, November, p. 246.

'One Time Friend', 'Samuel' and 'Mm' may be read in Eureka Street, vol. 27, no. 20, October 9.

Oakman BN 2017, 'Yet why not say?',
Shot Glass Journal (USA), no. 17, January.
Oakman BN 2017, 'Winter', Shot Glass Journal (USA), no. 17, January.
17, January.
'Il Gattino di Roma 1992' may be read in Australian Poetry Journal 6.2, p. 33.

'What to do with Trooper Ted?', was published in The Canberra Times, November 5, 2016, p. 19.

'Sad Songs' was published in Acumen: A Literary Journal (UK), no. 85, May, 2016, p. 25.

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